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Studio Four-One-Two Print Magazine Fundraiser

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Studio Four-One-Two Print Magazine Fundraiser

Who We Are: 

Founded in Spring 2018, Studio Four-One-Two is the University of Pittsburgh’s first lifestyle and pop-culture magazine club.

Being a brand new organization on campus, our goal as a club is to create magazines that are visually appealing, interactive, and conversational. Within our magazines, we will incorporate personal essays dealing with the mental health and well-being of students, conversational pieces that explore the interests of our staff, college-friendly recipes, how-to’s that teach students everything from how to shop on a budget to how to practice living sustainably while on campus, and style tips and trends of students on campus.

The purpose of the magazine is to create a space where students can share their experiences with other college students in hopes of finding common ground. It is to encourage students to share more of their whole selves through a conversational and sometimes humorous tone.

Our Project: 

While we will be releasing a digital copy of our magazine at the beginning of April, we are working towards creating a physical magazine, as well. Creating physical copies of our magazine is very important to us as a club and as creatives. Not only do they have sentimental value from years of flipping through Teen Vogues, Cosmos, and Frankies, but they also have artistic value and a potential for a more meaningful relationship between the reader and the work. Furthermore, with quizzes and word puzzles dispersed throughout the magazine, print is imperative to the experience of Studio Four-One-Two.

Creating and ordering print magazines, however, is expensive. Cost varies based on the quality of paper, the type of ink used, the number of pages printed within the magazine, and the total number of magazines being printed per edition. For our first edition, we would like to print 1000 24-30 page magazines, preferably on matte paper. This will cost approximately $1500-$2000.

How You Can Help:

By donating to our magazine, not only will you be helping us print the first edition of Studio Four- One-Two Magazine, you’ll be helping a brand new club finalize a product that each and every member is highly passionate about. You can also support Studio Four-One-Two by sharing our campaign on social media, following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and checking out our website

Thanks for your support!


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Andy Warhol was born on August 6, 1928. Warhol’s art was all of simple, complex, and unparalleled. Being Pitt’s first lifestyle and pop-culture magazine club, we hope to invoke similar characteristics by producing a magazine that holds writing that is both simple in structure, but complex and deep in meaning.



There are 36 (accessible) floors in the Cathedral of Learning, the building where most of us have taken many an inspirational writing or literature classes that have led us to where we are today!


Made of Experience

71 buses are one of the bus lines that get us out of campus and allow us to venture out into the city. They help us meet with friends and make the memories we need to inspire us to write. Stay on our journey as a club as we share those experiences with you.



These are first three numbers of any Pittsburgh Area zip code. Is it okay if this one has no meaning? Well… I guess it helps us fill out the delivery form to get Postmates. We write about campus cooking, too (promise)!


Brand New

231 are the number of years since founding of University of Pittsburgh, but it also marks the first year that our club joined campus. This 231st year, we hope to bring to campus a magazine that makes sparks across students on campus. We can’t wait to share our work with you at the end of the year!



I-376 brings us in and takes us out of Pittsburgh- in between these- for some of us, lengthy- journeys include all of the experiences that make us us. Highways take us home for the holidays and the summers and break up the monotony of campus living- they help remind us of who we are and thus help us write.



446 is the number of bridges in Pittsburgh. Bridges connect, and so does writing. Our hopes for our magazine is that it will bring light to students across campus the similarities in both interests and struggles that we share- and by doing that, connect us on a deeper level.



895 is the number of episodes aired of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. One of Fred Rogers quotes is, “Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us all the best opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people.” This is important to our magazine because our goal is to create content and writing that stays true to ourselves- as cliché as it sounds. Authenticity and transparency are keys to writing both meaningful and humorous pieces.