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Adolf Grünbaum Memorial

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Adolf Grünbaum Memorial

A Pitt Legacy

Adolf Grünbaum came to the University of Pittsburgh in the fall of 1960, with the goal of building a renowned philosophy department. By establishing the Center for Philosophy of Science that same year, Grünbaum recruited a number of notable professors to help build the program and attracted world-class philosophers to speak at the Center during its Annual Lecture Series. This past November, Grünbaum passed away at the age of 95.

Grünbaum served on Pitt’s faculty for nearly 60 years and leaves behind a legacy of prolific and profound contributions to the field of philosophy and to the University. He was the first Andrew Mellon Professor of Philosophy of Science, primary research professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, research professor of psychiatry, in addition to founder and chair of the Center for Philosophy of Science. Today, Pitt is know all around the world for its excellence in philosophy, which is largely attributable to Grünbaum’s diligent efforts and leadership.  

Adolf Grünbaum Lecture 

The Center for Philosophy of Science was built around the Annual Lecture Series, which is designed to present works from the most prominent names in the field and produce volumes from the work showcased. In honor and memory of Adolf Grünbaum, the Center’s goal for this campaign is to endow the Adolf Grünbaum Lecture to provide long-term support in bringing preeminent scholars in the field of philosophy to Pitt. The lecture will continue the legacy started by Grünbaum in the 1960s and bear his name in tribute.


Funds raised for the Adolf Grünbaum Lecture will assist with expenses associated with the annual lecture. It will support travel costs to bring in well-known philosophers from within and outside of the United States. Expenses will vary from year to year, based on the location of the lecturer.


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Carl Gustav Hempel

Carl Gustav Hempel was a philosopher of science who played a central role in the development of logical positivism. His work is primarily associated with the concept of deductive-nomological explanation and the Raven paradox.


Frank Ramsey

F.P. Ramsey was one of the most important British analytic philosophers of the 20th century. He is known for his contribution to mathematical logic, philosophy, economics, and probability.


Hans Reichenbach

Reichenbach made lasting contributions to the analysis of probabilistic reasoning; logic and the philosophy of mathematics; quantum mechanics; and space, time, and relativity theory.


Rudolf Carnap

Carnap was an advocate of logical positivism and stressed the importance of formal analysis as the key to solving philosophical problems.


Wilfrid Sellars

Wilfrid Sellars was an American philosopher and prominent developer of critical realism who revolutionized both the content and the method of philosophy in the United States.


Adolf Grünbaum

Adolf Grünbaum was the first Andrew Mellon Professor of Philosophy at Pitt from 1960-2018. His long-standing tenure made a monumental impact on the field and the University itself.

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