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Screenshot: Asia

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Thanks for all your generous support!

December 05, 2019

Dear Donors:


We wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your generous support. With 80 donors, we ended up reaching over 90% of our goal! With these funds, we will be able to screen more films and bring more artists into the community.


If you would like to learn more about our free (or low cost) Asian film events, please sign up for our email listserv (; we’ll tell you everything that’s on its way! In Spring 2020, we are excited about showing a silent Indian film complete with a live musical performance and brand-new score, as well as a screening of one of the best films from the Philippines and a documentary on Vietnamese Americans.


Thanks so much,


Kirsten and Lynn


PS- Check out the interns’ Studio Ghibli interpretation in the video.

60% of our campaign funded! And, check out our new trailer.

November 20, 2019

Dear Supporters and Friends of SCREENSHOT: ASIA,


Good news, thanks to generous donors like you, SCREENSHOT: ASIA has rolled right by the halfway mark, is at 60% and going strong! We have a couple of weeks left in the campaign and we are determined to reach our goal.


First of all, we’d like to thank those that have already donated. Your support will assist us with bringing Asian film and media to Pittsburgh. Your donation will help everyone in the region look to stories beyond our borders and think about peoples all over the globe, as well as support the cultures of the diverse people in Pittsburgh.


One more ask, though. Please post (or repost) the campaign website out to those friends that you think would be excited about Asian media. Every donation helps, and with your assistance we can reach our goal amount!


In the meantime, please check out the new trailer made by the industrious film and social media interns at SCREENSHOT: ASIA!

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AKA the Mindy Kaling. You make the words that form the backbone of the film. You give characters desire, wit, adoration, and make them the humans that audiences grow to love.



AKA, the Abbas Kiarostami. You are the master of your domain—the film set—and make every piece fall into place. It’s your job to bring meaning from chaos.


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AKA, the Akira Kurosawa. You are the executive who makes it happen. You see brilliance and allow it to shine.

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