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kerrie gilbert

In Honor of Lisa and Grandpa Florida

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Apr 01, 2020


In Honor of Lisa Eidelberg


Mar 29, 2020



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Mar 29, 2020




Mar 26, 2020



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Mar 24, 2020




Mar 16, 2020

andre puleo

In Memory of Rosa Puleo

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Mar 13, 2020


In Honor of Karalyn Adams

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Mar 12, 2020

J. Craig



Mar 11, 2020


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Mar 11, 2020




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Mar 07, 2020

Jackie DePietto

In Memory of Barbara Sossi - my beautiful mom


Mar 07, 2020

Paula Rineer

In Memory of Ronald T. Rineer, Sr.


Mar 05, 2020

Jenna Neiterman

In Honor of Sponsorship on behalf of Little Tikes Commercial


Mar 05, 2020
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Provide Hope

Each year, 12.7 million individuals around the world discover they have cancer. The sheer size is incredibly intimidating, but with the research being done day in and day out by the brightest minds the world has to offer, one can now have hope because of people like you!


Educate Yourself

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Every woman 20 years of age or older should be conducting regular breast self-exams (BSEs). Besides BSEs, once a woman reaches her 40th year, she should consider starting annual mammograms. If diagnosed, breast cancer has a 10-year survival rate of 83%. It’s important for women out there to stay on top of everything! Your awareness is the first step!


Be Preventative

A third of cancer-related deaths each year could have been prevented through early diagnosis and treatment. It’s on aware individuals like yourself to make sure your family and loved ones go to the doctor routinely! Keep up your amazing work!


Plan Ahead

Worldwide cancer cases are expected to rise by 50% by 2030. Your donation helps make sure that we can tackle these new cases as they come along! You’re a hero!


Protect Children

The overall survival rate for childhood cancers is 90%. This number used to be a measly 10% only 40 years ago; however, innovative cancer research has created a brighter future for children everywhere. Parents worldwide thank you, you’re doing a wonderful thing.


Research a Cure

The current survival rate for lung cancer is 18.1%. Just recently, in 2012, only 11% of patients survived this horrible disease. A 7.1% progression in only 6 years is remarkable and your donation sparks fire in researchers dedicating their lives to making sure that number goes up. You are the progress this cause needs!


Support Each Other

454.8 out of 100,000 men and women are diagnosed with cancer each year. That’s 454.8 out of 100,000 individuals whose lives have been completely flipped upside down. Your donations help us rectify that and get those people back on their feet. You’re saving lives! Keep fighting!


Never Stop the Fight

The risk of cancer after the age of 75 increases drastically. This occurs specifically due to lifestyle risks and little research on improving cancer care for geriatric patients. Your donation contributes to research to decrease risk of cancer for the elderly and allow them to fully enjoy the entirety of their life!


Fight to Survive

Approximately every 9 minutes, someone in the United States dies from a form of blood cancer. Blood cancer survival rates have increased dramatically over the past twenty years, however, Leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and Hodgkin lymphoma (the three main blood cancers) are some of the most common cancers in young adults. Your donation is helping keep someone's 20's a fun-filled decade, so thank you. You’re amazing!

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