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Sports Medicine Concussion Program

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Sports Medicine Concussion Program

About Our Program

Any level of concussion can be a severe health issue. Concussions are complex injuries with a wide range of outcomes. Some people get better in days, while others need weeks or months to recover. The sooner people get medical treatment, the better chance they have of recovering fully. And to avoid repeat injury, it's crucial to manage concussions until complete recovery.

The Sports Medicine Concussion Program team assesses and treats concussions in athletes and nonathletes of all ages. Established in 2000, the program has grown to include seven attending clinical neuropsychologists who work within a multidisciplinary team that includes primary care sports medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurovestibular rehabilitation, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, behavioral neuro-optometry, and physical therapy. Under the guidance of Michael “Micky” Collins, PhD, clinical and executive director, the Sports Medicine Concussion Program sees more than 20,000 patient visits each year.

Data gathered by our program finds that concussions in student-athletes are common. And it's vital they have an assessment from someone with concussion expertise.

EngagePitt Crowdfunding Campaign

We hope this crowdfuding campaign will encourage a wider audience to support the Sports Medicine Concussion Program’s work to treat concussions. All donations to this EngagePitt campaign will directly support the Sports Medicine Concussion Program and its partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Your gift is tax-deductible, and your generous contribution will be fortified by leading researchers and the most advanced technology to bring us closer to better understanding how to diagnose, treat, and prevent concussions.

Why Should You Support the Concussion Program?

We believe the Sports Medicine Concussion Program’s innovative work improves countless lives. The research and treatment being conducted will allow for groundbreaking discoveries and will bring hope to people who have suffered serious injury.

By supporting the important work of the Sports Medicine Concussion Program, in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, you boost our work to drastically re-shape the medical landscape. We believe that every gift—of any size—moves us towards our goal. Thank you for your generosity. 

We have decided to set the bar high with a goal of raising $10,000.


Contributions received for this project shall be used in accordance with the purpose described herein, the terms in the FAQs and applicable law. For questions that cannot be answered in the FAQs, please call 412-648-4658 or email

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Educate Yourself

20 percent of high school athletes who play contact sports — including soccer and lacrosse — will get a concussion this year. Individuals like yourself can make others aware of this medical need!


Seek Help

50 percent of concussions go unreported or undetected. People who suffer concussions may endure long-term effects if they haven't sought treatment. Your donation will bolster our efforts to reduce that number. You are the progress this cause needs!


Patient Satisfaction

Help us to meet our goal of 100% patient satisfaction.


Support Each Other

Around 300,000 football-related concussions happen each year.


Join the Team

Each year the Sports Medicine Concussion Program team handles more than 20,000 patient visits — involving between 6,000 and 7,000 unique patients. This sheer size is incredibly intimidating, but the team is working day in and day out to give patients hope. Your contribution will fuel that hope!


Fight to Win

Between 1.7 and 3 million sports- and recreation-related concussions happen each year. Parents across the country thank you for your donation to help us treat these patients and get them back on their feet. You’re saving lives!

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