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Pitt Men's Ultimate Frisbee Fundraiser

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Pitt Men's Ultimate


We are the Pitt Men’s Ultimate Team, also known as En Sabah Nur.  We are a group of 24 athletes striving to win a National Championship. Our program has been at the forefront of the national competition for several years now, and we won the National Title in 2012 and 2013.

We also currently hold the longest quarter final appearance streak at Nationals, at 12 consecutive years. Also, based on national rankings, we are currently one of the top 10 Division 1 teams in the country.

With high roster turnover from last year, this year’s team is full of fresh faces. As our season wears on, rookies are turning into vets, and vets are turning into pros. Our new roster has not deterred us from achieving our goal of winning another National Title in Milwaukee, WI this year, but we will need all the support we can get!

Our Project:

During our spring semester, we participate in a total of six tournaments. Three regular season tournaments and three postseason tournaments (Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals). For these tournaments there is a lot of travel. Some of the places we go to are Tampa, Florida and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Covering the costs of these tournaments in addition to funding a trip to Nationals has been a financial burden on the team in years past. We are hoping to soften the blow on our players’ pockets via this fundraising campaign.

Last year, the total expense of our trip to Nationals alone neared $15,000. Expenses such as rental cars, hotels, tournament food, coaches’ travel, and registration fees quickly add up.  By donating, you will help fund the most important tournaments of our season.  Your generous donation will not only go towards covering these costs, but they will also give our players the ability to focus on performance rather than payment.

Help us return to Nationals and keep our competitive streak alive!

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Facebook: @PittUltimate



Contributions received for this project shall be used in accordance with the purpose described herein, the terms in the FAQs and applicable law. For questions that cannot be answered in the FAQs, please call 412-648-4658 or email

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The Assist

This donation can help fill up one tank of gas on our drive to tournaments! The long road trips we take are spent jamming out, playing hot seat, and getting some much needed sleep. You can occasionally find one of our more studious athletes trying to catch up on some homework as well!


The Goal

A donation of this size covers the cost of a single player registration fee. Each player must be registered and rostered through USA Ultimate, which is the national governing body of collegiate ultimate. A registration fee covers the insurance costs and player packs that every player receives at the beginning of the tournament.


1.5x D

1.5x D, or help D, is a fundamental principle of Pitt’s defensive strategy. It requires a high level of field awareness and a strong game IQ to effectively cover your man while helping cover others. When effectively executed, you are acting as 1.5x defenders, not just 1 player. A donation of this size covers tournament food for the team for a day.



In ultimate frisbee, a bookend is when a defender gets a block, or forces a turnover, then scores a goal in the same possession. Bookends are a great way to fire up your teammates and change the momentum of a game. A donation of this size covers two rental vans for the team to travel to tournaments.


One Breath, One Mind

Before every tournament, game, or even practice, we gather in a huddle and perform some controlled breathing as a team to ground ourselves. Ultimate, like all sports, is one part physical, one part mental, and we put a lot of emphasis on building our mental game just as much as our physical. A donation of this size covers a hotel room for one tournament weekend.


In Lak’Ech

On En Sabah Nur, we use the motto In Lak’Ech, a mayan precept. In Lak’Ech means “you are my other me” a mindset we instill among ourselves to build an inseparable team chemistry. A donation of this size covers the cost of coaches’ accommodations (travel, room & board, food, etc) for one full weekend.

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