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Scope and Scalpel 2020

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Scope and Scalpel 2020

Our Project

Scope and Scalpel is a unique Pitt Med tradition in which graduating students produce a full-length musical production parodying their medical school experience. Traditionally uncensored but always good-natured, the show is the longest running annual theatrical production in Western Pennsylvania, with the first show performed on May 13, 1955. Its founders were a few students who worked in a lab run by Dr. Frank Dixon. One day while out at a local pub discussing the challenges of attending Pitt Med, the idea to produce a class play was born. That spring, over 50 fourth-year medical students came together to write, produce, act, and sing in a show entitled “PMS IV” for a sold-out crowd at the Stephen Foster Memorial Theater.

Students strive to represent the medical world they’ve come to know so well through their years at Pitt Med, and the result is always a candid and comedic take on the medical school experience. Historically, students draw inspiration from pop culture and famous storylines, with titles ranging from “Scar Trek” in 1975 to “Back to the Suture” in 1990 to “Beauty and the Yeast Infection” in 2018. This year marks the 66th annual production of Scope and Scalpel, and the Class of 2020 hopes to make their show the best one yet!

This year, Scope and Scalpel will be held on Friday, May 15th and Sunday May 17th.

Who We Are

We are Pitt Med’s Class of 2020, often jokingly referred to as the class with “clear vision.” We can’t believe we’re finally in our last year at Pitt Med; it seems like just yesterday we were receiving our white coats and starting our first-year orientation festivities!



We have a talented, hard-working, and passionate class and can’t wait to show you our creative side. From singers and dancers to orchestra members and artists, our cast, crew and student members are excited to share our Pitt Med experience with our mentors, families, and friends. We’ve been separated by clerkships, away rotations, and the interview trail, so coming back together to produce this year’s Scope and Scalpel will be a wonderful way to spend time together as a class before graduation.

How You Can Help

-Consider donating! As an entirely student-run, volunteer-produced show, all donations will go directly to the cost of producing Scope and Scalpel. This includes venue rental, costumes, set design/construction, hair and make-up, sound equipment, recording costs, props, storage space, program printing, playbill adds up! We are truly grateful for any donation amount you can give; every little bit helps!

-Share our project! Send our project page to your friends and family, post about it on social media, tell your us get the word out about this amazing production! 

-Attend the show! Whether you’re a Pitt Med grad, the family or friend of a performer, or any other member of the Pitt community, we want to see you in the audience!

Stay Tuned

-The theme of this year’s show will be announced on Match Day: March 20, 2020. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for clues on what the theme for this year could be!

-Final show location and times will be published in the coming weeks and we will also be posting info on how to purchase tickets.

-We’ll be sharing regular updates on our show progress, additional video productions, and biographies of more project leaders, so check back often!

Highlights from Past Productions

Check out prior playbills here. If you’re a Pitt Med grad, try and find the playbill from your graduating class!

Choose a giving level


The Pre-Med

Your dreams are big, and so is that stack of MCAT prep books. $10 will buy us one snazzy prop or the perfect missing piece to a cast member’s costume change.


The Med Student

We know you’re balancing studying for boards with working on the wards and generally just trying to survive. Why not throw some of that hard-earned loan money our way? $25 can feed and hydrate our writing team for a whole night’s worth of work. Nice!


The Intern

Not only do you double-check our Is/Os, correct our vital signs in our presentations, co-sign our orders, and shield us from pimping on rounds, you slide us a cool $50 bill to help us plaster the medical school in beautiful Scope and Scalpel playbills. You’re the best! Sincerely, your fourth-year medical students.


The Chief Resident

With great power comes great responsibility. No more notes, but you have to know everything about every patient and keep the team happy too! Cheer up your medical students with a $100 donation to help us purchase all the make-up and hair supplies we need.


The Attending

Your medical students have meticulously calculated the CHA2DS2-VASc, Cockcraft-Gault, MELD, HAS-BLED, FENa, Wells,’ Child-Pugh and Centor scores for all your patients. Increase their score by donating $250 to feed our cast and crew for dress rehearsal night!


The Program Director

Now that you’re in charge of recruiting, you know what it takes to put together a good team. Ensure we have the best team possible with your $500 donation and rent our much-needed microphones and sound equipment for show weekend.


The Chair

As chair, you’re the MVP of your department. Be the MVP of Scope and Scalpel with a $750 donation and provide all of the costumes for our large group numbers!


The Dean

While only a four-letter word, the title of dean carries so much power...respect...fame! (or infamy?) A contribution of $1000 will pay for the set design and construction for our major scenes, and let’s face it, there’s no show without a good backdrop!