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June 02, 2021

Good afternoon Pitt Lacrosse family! On behalf of the entire team and coaches I would like to thank each and every one of our donors for this year’s EngagePitt campaign. We well surpassed our original goal and are very excited about the opportunities these funds will give us. Every donation means everything to us and we appreciate all you do for this team, whether it is through donations or other forms of support. We look forward to seeing fans at our games next year and we will be posting updates  on our schedule and other events through our social media platforms.

Thank you again!

Jack Eschmann

Fundraising Chair

Final Push and Donor Appreciation

March 05, 2021

Good morning Pitt Lacrosse fans!

I wanted to start with thanking our donors again. Throughout this very stressful year, our family, friends, and fans have showed their support in many different ways, and we thank you all very much. Our success so far in our EngagePitt campaign has impressed every member of the team, and the impact of this generosity will be felt for seasons to come. That being said, this weekend is the final days of our EngagePitt campaign, and we are hoping for a final push from our donors to take us well past our original goal of $5,000. We have raised our goal going into this weekend up to $7,500, and we look forward to seeing how the campaign ends.

In regard to the outlook of the season, we have similar news to the past few updates. We are still currently waiting for an official decision from the University. Our President, coaches, and board have done everything in our power to get onto the field, but it is still out of our hands.

Again, I wanted to thank our donors for their generosity. Their donations mean an incredible amount for our program.

Go Panthers!

Jack Eschmann

Pitt Lacrosse Fundraising Chair

Update 2/15/2021

February 15, 2021

Hey Panthers! As of Friday, we are just under our $5,000 goal. With just about 3 weeks left in our campaign, we are hoping that we can more than exceed our original goal. We appreciate all of the continuing support from our Pitt Lax family and especially our donors.

This week we wanted to draw attention to something separate from our campaign. As some of you may know, we participate in the Charles Fuller Ross Memorial Playday in conjunction with our women’s lacrosse team. The game is in commemoration of Fuller Ross, a former Pitt player who tragically passed in the summer of 2018. In lieu of the game, we will be selling shirts to anyone interested and giving the proceeds to his memorial fund. If you’re interested in buying a shirt, reach out to our social media pages.

We will continue to give updates about our season through this page along with our social media pages. Thanks again! And go Panthers!

Campaign/Season Update 2/8/21

February 08, 2021

Good afternoon Pitt Lacrosse family! My name is Jack Eschmann, the Fundraising Chair of Pitt Men’s Lacrosse and the leader of this year’s EngagePitt campaign. I first wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has donated to our campaign and show our appreciation for their generosity. Your donations are extremely meaningful to us, and keep this team going strong through another confusing season in the midst of this pandemic. As of Thursday, we have reached a total of $4,710, just under $300 short of our goal. We have around 4 weeks left of our campaign, and we have high hopes that we will surpass our goal significantly.

On the topic of our 2021 season, little has changed as of today, however we are optimistic that upcoming meetings with Pitt faculty will clear up some of the confusion that has plagued the entire situation. Our board is working extremely hard to make this season happen, and we appreciate everyone who has come out in support of the program through the whole process. If our situation does not change, however, we are still excited to continue to grow the program and look forward to any opportunity we have the play the game we love.

Again, I wanted to thank each and every one of our past and future donors and ask that you reach out to friends/family/coworkers/etc. that would be willing to donate as well. We will continue to update everyone about the status of our season through this page as well as our social media platforms. I hope you all have a great day, and H2P!!

Campaign/Season Update

February 01, 2021

Good morning Panthers! My name is Malik Talaat, the current VP and head of the EngagePitt campaign last year. I am thrilled to say that as of Saturday morning, we have raised $3,410! We are extremely thankful for your generosity; raising that much money is such a short time period is incredible and we couldn’t be more grateful.

As for our season, things are not looking too good at the moment. It is unlikely we will be allowed to travel or host games this year, which is very unfortunate. The players and the coaching staff both worked very hard, and I feel horribly for them that it likely won’t pan out for us. Despite this, I am still exhausting every avenue possible for us to get on the field at some point this spring. It’s the least I can do for a program that has given me so much.

However, we are still looking for creative ways to get the team together once we are permitted to do so, whether that be through working out together at the dome, or going down to our coach Richard Rattner’s bar, the William Penn Tavern (highly recommend). 

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your generosity, and urge you to reach out to other Pitt alumni or friends and family to spread the word of our campaign. We’ll keep you updated about the status of our season, and as always, go Panthers!

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