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Engineers for a Sustainable World National Conference 2018

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April 09, 2018

We want to thank you for all of your support throughout our campaign!!! Thanks to you we raised $1,961 – almost twice our goal! We have had a blast at Georgia Tech and have learned so much that we cannot wait to bring back to Pitt.

1 Week Left!

March 30, 2018

We are winding down to the end of our campaign with one week left, and ESW wants to thank everyone who has helped to make this campaign so successful! We have raised $1,950 in about three weeks and we could not have done it without all of our amazing supporters. With that said, there is still a week left in the campaign, so we would appreciate if you share our project with friends and family. Thank you to everyone who has supported ESW in going to the national conference!


ESW Member Sportlight:

Hi, I’m Carlie Johnson!

I joined ESW because I was extremely interested to see a variety of engineers uniting around the common goal of sustainability. I am currently involved in STORM as well as a community design challenge project (ESW’s Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge) which is a finalist this year! These opportunities, and many more, would not have been possible without my ESW membership. I am looking forward to the conference; and thanks to everyone’s generous donations I will be able to see what other amazing opportunities ESW has to offer!

We Are Halfway Through Our Campaign!

March 23, 2018

We want to thank everyone who has donated! Thanks to everybody’s support we have exceeded our goal and have raised $1,800 within sixteen days, or about halfway through our campaign. That’s equivalent to a lot of great people giving to a very cool cause.

ESW wants to reiterate and reassure those who have donated or are interested in donating that we will be using $1,000 towards funding our trip to conference (mainly paying for registration fees) and any extra money above our $1,000 goal ($800 as is the case right now) will be put aside for ESW for the next academic year. This funding will go towards keeping our projects running and keeping Pitt on a sustainable path.

Thank you to everyone who has supported ESW in this campaign and please share our project with friends and family!

ESW Member Spotlight:


Hey, I’m Addie Jacobs!


I’ve been in ESW since my first year of college. ESW has helped me to develop my leadership skills as well as learn more about sustainability. One of my favorite trips is going to Pittsburgh’s Wastewater Treatment Plant’s (ALCOSAN) open house. These trips have helped provide an actual visualization of what I’m learning in class as well as teach me about sustainable infrastructure. Part of ESW’s goal is to educate those in sustainable practices and ALCOSAN’s open house is a solid example of how ESW works to educate its members on a sustainability topic.


Donating to ESW not only helps us go to conference but will provide ESW with funds to continue to educate individuals on sustainable practices and their importance in the world.



We DID It!

March 19, 2018

We’ve reached our $1,000 goal, and are now at $1,253!!!

Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported us with this campaign! We could not have reached our goal without you.  Although we've reached our goal, there are still 3 weeks left in the campaign. Any money raised over our goal of $1,000 will go to ESW’s general expenses which mainly involve funding for our projects, such as Solar Smoothie Cart, STORM, and HEAT.

Please share this campaign with friends and family and thank you to all who have contributed to ESW’s successful campaign!

1 Week In and 3 More to Go!

March 13, 2018

We want to thank everyone who has donated. Because of all you generous people, we are already 78% of the way to our $1,000 goal! AKA: We have raised $784. We hope that you continue to support our conference trip and please share our project with all of your family and friends.

ESW Member Spotlight:

Hi, we’re Heather Amper and Emily Zapinski!

We have been in ESW since our first year of college. This club created a great bonding experience for us, allowing us to become really close friends as the years went on. Whether it was going to an acid mine drainage treatment site (pictured below, Heather on the left and Emily on the right) or leading the Storm Runoff Management Team together, we've stayed side by side throughout it all.

By donating to the campaign, you can support sustainability, but also friendships like ours!

Thank you for your support!!!

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All for Eleven

We’re trying to send eleven members to conference and you could send eleven dollars to us! Thank you!


A Car Ride

A donation at this level will help half of us travel from the airport to our lodging! Thank you!


No Man Left Behind

A donation at this level would help all eleven of us get from the airport to our lodging! Thank you for helping us not leave anybody behind.


Registration of a Lifetime

A donation at this level will pay for one of our members to be registered to go to conference. Thank you for giving a member the opportunity to learn how to better our community sustainably.


There and Back

A donation at this level will pay for all of us to travel from the airport to our lodging and then back at the end of the conference. That’s awesome, thank you!


Two Registrations

A donation at this level will pay for the price of not one but two members to be registered to go to conference. It’s like two birds with one stone, but so much safer. Thank you!



A donation at this level will help us get to one-fifth of our $1,000 goal. Wouldn’t it be cool to send us one-fifth of the way there? Thank you!

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