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Thank you!

November 22, 2019

Hi all! Thank you SO much for your support during our EngagePitt campaign, we were able to raise $808 to contribute to our activities in the Spring, are and excited for our plans in the works! With final exams and holidays coming up, we know that both can be stressful. We are thankful for you all, and stay tuned for more mental health resources for exams, holidays, and Spring programs!

2 Days Left!

November 15, 2019

Hi everyone!


There are just two days to go in our EngagePitt Campaign! Thank you so much for support this month. As we wrap up this semester, we would like to take some time to reflect on our past events this year and look ahead to the future.


In September we kicked off the academic year with the incredibly impactful Send Silence Packing, a touring exhibit of backpacks donated by families surviving suicide loss, many the actual backpacks of students. Sara, one of our members, said:


“Send Silence Packing holds a special place in my heart because I have relationships with people with varying experiences with suicide, and reading the stories of those who’ve had loved ones pass away to suicide touched me and helped me better understand the impact that such an event leaves on those left behind. Send Silence Packing also means a lot to me because a few days after we hosted the event, I found out that an old friend from back home had taken their own life… Send Silence solidified the empowering mission of Active Minds to me and reminded me of the importance in sharing our mission to others on campus, as well as the importance of always showing kindness to others – especially to those who may not seem like they need it.”


Your support makes impactful programming like this possible, and helps connect students to support and resources whether they are going through a difficult time, working to grow from their stories, and educate and empower their peers. When students feel unsure of how to help their friends in need to find resources for themselves, Pitt Active Minds provides education and training on empathetically supporting and referring friends to help, and insight into what help-seeking and recovery looks like.


Your donations, support, and sharing of supports our mission to change the campus culture surrounding mental health. We strive to create an open, honest, and supportive environment at Pitt for all students, and together we can make this a reality! Donations are accepted until Sunday, November 17th at 11:59 PM.


Much love,

Pitt Active Minds

6 Days to go!

November 11, 2019

Hi all!


Thank you so much for your support in our EngagePitt Campaign! Donations are open for just 6 more days, ending on Sunday, November 17th.


Want to know what we have been up to lately? This past Thursday, our chapter president Julia Lam was a panelist at the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette event, “Mental Health: Helping Our Kids Find the Light” at Heinz Field. You can read about this event here.


This coming Thursday, November 14th at 9 PM in the Cathedral of Learning Room 324, Pitt Active Minds will be hosting the author, poet, and mental health advocate Sierra DeMulder to perform her works and speak about mental health and recovery (see event here).This event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend. Your donations help make impactful events such as these possible, and we hope to facilitate more in the future!


You can help us even more by sharing our campaign with friends at ! Every donation, no matter how small, counts towards helping change the campus culture and education surrounding mental health.


Thank you!


Pitt Active Minds

Halfway Through: Thank you!

November 02, 2019

Hi everyone!


Thank you so much for your support for Pitt Active Minds! We are excited to be working on bringing more impactful mental health education and programming to Pitt’s campus this spring. The scale and outreach of our spring semester programs often depend on our budget, and we are thankful that you have been willing to contribute to our cause.


We just concluded Mental Health Awareness Month at Pitt and want to continue promoting mental health conversation and advocacy. Our club members have been facilitating peer education programs such as ‘What is Therapy?’ and ‘How to Talk to a Friend’ to great feedback and response from other student groups on campus.


Your donations are helping us plan for events such as hosting a movie screening of mental health films with meaningful discussion, and inviting speakers such as our upcoming speaker Sierra DeMulder visiting on November 14th!


If you would like to see what our chapter is up to and join in on the conversation in Pittsburgh, stop by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Town Hall, “Helping Our Kids Find the Light” on Thursday November 7th, 6:00 PM at Heinz Field to see our chapter president Julia Lam speak on the panel!


Thank you again for your support, and it would mean the world if you were to share our EngagePitt campaign with others—Every dollar counts! To see the impact of your support, be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram @Pittactiveminds!


Thank you,

Pitt Active Minds

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